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Height Adjustable Desk

A height adjustable desk allows individual height adjustment for healthy working. Especially if you suffer from back pain, such tables are an ideal way to relieve your back from permanent sitting.

The investment in an ergonomic, height-adjustable desk is also worthwhile in the private sphere if the work area is frequently used in one’s own home. The more time spent in the office, the more important ergonomics become. The individual environment relieves the strain on the back, thus reducing the risk of health problems.

The height-adjustable tables are also a good solution for young people because they often forget their time while playing computer games or studying and they don’t even notice that they are bent over at their desks or that their shoulders are permanently tensed. Only after a longer period do they feel their wrong posture when the cross hurts or the limbs are no longer properly supplied with blood. Exactly these problems can be eliminated with the help of an adjustable table. Our test for height-adjustable desks has therefore dealt in detail with the many possibilities and the subject of healthy sitting.

What is a height-adjustable desk?

A mechanically or electrically height-adjustable desk is a table whose worktop can be moved up or down in no time at all using a special side or leg construction. In this way, the height of the tabletop can be adjusted in a few seconds. This is done either via a manual function or via an electrical switch.

There are such desks for children and teenagers, whose top can even be tilted if necessary. Damage caused by an unhealthy posture can occur at any age, so it makes sense to create a pleasant working environment at an early stage. Due to the individually adjustable ergonomics, it is no problem to sit longer at your desk, be it while working or playing. The individually adjustable desks have proven their worth both in everyday private life and in a company’s business premises thanks to the hand crank or motor drive.

What types of height-adjustable desks are there?

At present, the following three main types of height-adjustable desks are available on the market:

Electrical height adjustment

During the desk test and comparison by independent experts, it was found that electrically height-adjustable desks are probably the most comfortable. As a rule, they cover an adjustment range between 60 centimeters and 130 centimeters. Some of this office furniture even remembers the optimum height once it has been set so that it can be reached at the push of a button.


  • adjustable without great effort
  • ensure an ergonomic body posture


  • higher costs

Gas spring technology

Compared to an electrically height-adjustable model, the gas spring method does not require electricity. Users are therefore not dependent on any socket. The consumer test also showed that a desk can be adjusted very quietly in height (similar to an office chair) using a gas spring.

According to test reports, however, its weight should harmonize optimally with the performance of the gas pressure spring. Otherwise, the electrical variant is the better choice.


  • can also be raised and lowered in a short time
  • less expensive than the electrical version


  • should not be exposed to fluctuating weights

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Manual height adjustment by crank handle

Desks that can be adjusted in height by means of a crank are not dependent on any power socket compared to the electric version. A manually height-adjustable desk serves the same purpose as the two models already presented. As a result, in comparison to the electric version and the gas spring version, there is often no regular change between sitting and standing.


  • robust technology
  • cheaper to buy


  • the adjustment takes a long time
  • bending and cranking could damage your back

Applications of Adjustable Desks

The various height settings that are possible on these desks allow the corresponding workstations to be readjusted at any time. The advantages are obvious, especially with the infinitely adjustable worktables. When writing or drawing, the tabletop can be raised or lowered without any effort, if a changed sitting position is desired or if work is to be done standing up in the meantime. Not only in the executive floor is such an individualizable work area indispensable. Wherever many tasks are performed at the desk, ergonomic considerations should be in the foreground.

The ergonomic tables are just as in demand in newspaper editorial offices or architectural offices as they are in the private sphere of hobby authors or in the home office. Employees or self-employed persons who sit a lot at the PC feel comfortable at the individually adjustable table, above all because they can change their surroundings with just a few movements or even at the touch of a button. The table top is simply raised when you want to work standing for half an hour, or lowered slightly when the entire team bends over the sketches or working documents.

In combination with a digital height display and other functional office furniture, the desk becomes the perfect workplace. If it is to be accessible from several sides, cable ducts are a useful addition. The strategic focus of the work area also includes optimum lighting and, if necessary, additional chairs. The harmonious appearance is rounded off by matching shelves and roller containers to give the work area a harmonious and professional atmosphere.

Advantages and disadvantages of height-adjustable desks

Scientists, doctors and labour lawyers have repeatedly dealt with the subject of the ergonomic workplace. This is why the numerous advantages can be proven at any time. The tests of the height-adjustable desks are based on the current state of knowledge as well as on the constant changes in labour law, according to which not only large companies have to provide a healthy environment in the workplace.

  • The spinal column is significantly relieved.
  • The heart and circulatory system is stimulated.
  • Shoulders, back and legs are trained automatically.
  • At work it does not come so fast to fatigue symptoms.
  • The ability to concentrate increases.
  • The office workers work more efficiently and become productive accordingly.
  • The brain becomes more powerful.
  • The employees are more motivated and satisfied.
  • Risk factors are prevented.

The disadvantages can often be eliminated by the practical use of ergonomic desks and therefore only deter at the beginning.

  • A height-adjustable desk costs more than a conventional table.
  • Setting up the functional desk requires a little more effort.
  • The office furniture must be oriented towards the flexible workplace so that lighting, cupboards etc. are not in the way.

This should be taken into account when purchasing a height-adjustable table.

The speed of the height adjustment

With the electric height-adjustable desks, the desired height is reached within seconds. Especially the test winners work very fast. However, there are also desks with electric motors that take a little longer to adjust. Those who choose a height-adjustable desk with manual operation are responsible for their own speed. In addition, the crank is of course not so convenient to operate. The speed is very high with the gas stroke as well as with the engine.

The equipment details

For most of the height-adjustable desks from the test, all assembly parts are included in the delivery package. You will also find a detailed description with all data as well as detailed building instructions. Some cable ducts are also part of the basic equipment. These make it easier for users to safely store the electrical cables so that there is no cable clutter. Otherwise, the adjustment function could cause the cables to bend quickly or even be pulled out accidentally. Some models have additional modules that can be used as an extra pocket for pens or a keyboard. Brackets for the monitor or the telephone are rarely included.

The size

The size of the adjustable desks refers to all dimensions, not just the flexible height. As standard, desks are between 120 and 180 cm wide and 60 to 80 cm deep. Anyone who regularly spends time at home or in the office should opt for a table at least 160 cm wide so that there is enough storage space. The tested desks can generally be adjusted in height from 68 to 118 cm. Depending on the design, this clearance can be even greater and can be adjusted to a height between 60 and 130 cm, for example. From a table height of around 120 cm, the furniture is suitable as a standing workstation, although this naturally depends on your own height.

The resilience

The height adjustment of a desk seems to increase the risk of weak points occurring here. However, a height-adjustable desk can be loaded with just as much weight as a normal table. The product details tell customers how much load these desks can carry.

The shape

Height-adjustable desks are available in various formats. In addition to the classic rectangular desk, there are corner tables and particularly narrow models. U-shaped tables, round tables and right- and left-turned desks are also available. If required, buyers can also have a tailor-made desk solution made for them.

The Extras

A height-adjustable desk can be equipped with extras such as a memory function or a soft stop. In addition, there are built-in cable trays that can be folded down if necessary. Such a folding mechanism prevents the cables from being over-tensioned or bent when the table top is raised or lowered.

Design and combination possibilities

The appearance of work tables allows a harmonious coordination of the office. Height-adjustable desks in numerous designs are available to fit in with the surroundings. Aluminium with wood, plain white or other furniture trends create a harmonious ambience in the work area. Of course, a height-adjustable desk must not only fit visually into the office, but its dimensions must also be adapted to the room.

When choosing a suitable desk, the first thing you need to do is find the right size. In addition, the look should match the other furniture in the study. However, ergonomics in the office are in the foreground. The option of adjusting the height of the worktop of the table prevents tension in the musculature.

This scientifically proven fact leads to a reduction of disease risks. Experts stress how important it is not always to sit in the same position at your desk. The height-adjustable desk thus solves the problem of the so-called permanent sitting, which leads to discomfort and pain in the musculoskeletal system.

People who sit at their desks a lot should therefore pay attention to solid quality and the variation possibilities of the work furniture. Active sitting improves the ability to concentrate and symptoms of fatigue occur less frequently. The first question is how many hours a day one spends sitting on average. This time does not only refer to working, but also to other activities like computer games, surfing, etc. 

Regular breaks are recommended to prevent possible postural problems and tension pains, but these breaks are all too often neglected. A desk that can be moved to a different height within seconds makes it easy to stay active and move your body without longer breaks. Concentration is maintained and well-being is promoted. The rapid alternation between relaxed sitting and standing shows its advantages after only a few days of getting used to the chair: In the office and also when gaming or surfing at home the energy of the body is more strongly demanded and promoted.

Figures, data and facts about the height-adjustable desk

Independent test sources show that a good, height-adjustable desk can be purchased from around $250. In comparison, there are no upper limits anyway. In their tests, experts advise that a height-adjustable desk should be adjustable from at least 27 inch to 47 inch.

Then dynamic working between sitting and standing is also possible. Of course, the office chair must also match the desk and allow the user (while sitting) an ergonomic posture. If you work at an office desk every day, then after testing the findings of experts and experienced customers, you should be able to measure the dimensions of your desk: L 63 inch x W 31.50 inch.

Care tips

  • A height adjustable desk is an investment for a very long time. That’s why its users should take good care of it.
  • At least once a week, the height-adjustable desk is dusted dry. In comparison, firmly adhering traces of dirt can be removed with a damp microfibre cloth.
  • Special cleaning agents are available for sensitive materials such as wood or veneer. These make the desk look like new.
  • A height-adjustable desk made of real wood needs special care. A furniture polish is usually applied with a dry cloth and rubbed in, so to speak. After this treatment, the wood shows a beautiful, fresh shine.
  • From time to time the desk screws must also be tightened. If necessary, they must be replaced.
  • In the case of a model with castors, these must also be cleaned of dirt so that they do not block.

10 important questions and answers on the subject of height-adjustable desks

What are the costs?

Cheap height-adjustable desks are already available in online shops from around 250 euros. However, there is no upper limit. The price also depends on the type of drive as well as on the size and materials used.

What is the perfect seat height?

The user should be able to sit upright and relaxed at the height-adjustable desk. His arms form a right angle. The back must not sink in, so that the spine and wrists are not strained too much.

What materials are the table tops made of?

Users will find models with a metal frame and real wood or melamine coated table tops in the shops. Adjustable office tables with glass table tops are also available.

How can the desk height be determined while standing?

The optimum height of the desk results from the individual body size or from the height of the shoulder joint minus the length of the upper arm. This ensures an upright posture that is automatically supported by the body framework.

How can you tell that the desk is set too low?

If you tend to make a round back while sitting, you unconsciously want to compensate for the wrong height. If the desk top is too low, the wrists are overstrained, especially when typing for hours on end on the PC keyboard.

When is the height-adjustable desk too high?

If you pull up your shoulders when typing, this is an indication that the table top is too high. As a result, the shoulders and also the neck cramp. Then you have to lower the desk height a little so that you can sit upright with relaxed muscles. 

Why do you need a height-adjustable desk?

A height-adjustable desk is an important basis for a healthy sitting posture and for strengthening the body. The adjustment option allows you to move more even when working. The change to standing posture is particularly advantageous, as permanent sitting damages the organism and strains the intervertebral discs and the spinal column. The adjustable desk is needed to stay healthy and not to fall into the wrong posture. 

What is the memory function of the height-adjustable desk?

The memory function is responsible for storing certain treble levels. By pressing the memory button, you can select your preferred setting and the tabletop will immediately move to the corresponding position. Some of the height-adjustable desks from Test 2019 have multiple memory locations so you can set four or more heights. 

What types of height-adjustable desks are there?

Electric models are offered on the market in which electric motors drive the table top up and down. In addition, there are office desks that move by gas pressure spring (similar to the office chair). In addition, interested customers also have the option of opting for a desk with a manual drive.

What advantages does a height-adjustable desk have to offer its users?

According to surveys by experts, breaking through long periods of sitting keeps body and mind on their toes. The spine, ankles and knees are less stressed.

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